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The University of Badassery Podcast

Sep 12, 2019

Mac and C.J. go deep into Mac’s military experience when 9/11 happened as well as climbing out of a dark season. They also talk about fanning back to flame the “badass” within you and answer your questions on everything from music to life.

Jul 3, 2019

C. J. and Mac sit down in person with one of Mac's former teammates from the Unit, Jamey Caldwell, to talk about his military career, mindset, and his current occupation as a pro bass fisherman. And he joins us for the Q&A! 

Jun 1, 2019

C. J. and Mac get into dealing with big changes in life and how to find direction in your second season. Plus lots of talk about hair bands, Western movies, supplements, concert safety, raising daughters, the Bicentennial year, our top ten KISS songs and other random stuff!

Apr 7, 2019

C. J. and Mac take a break from interviews to delve deep into serious but hilarious discussions about pets, food, family, attitude, special forces, metal, Sentinel courses, and an extended Q&A session!

Feb 7, 2019

C. J. and Mac interview Josh Collins, former teammate of Mac’s from the Unit who shares his amazing story of battling severe PTSD and TBI. Josh discovered healing through connection with others and another way that surprised him, his family, and his doctors. Plus, the Douche Zone, the Metal Zone, the Sentinel Segment,...